About me

Born in Sheffield, I began my media career as a trainee reporter on my hometown newspaper, The Star. My career took me to regional and national newspapers across the North and Midlands. I edited the Coventry Telegraph and the Newcastle Chronicle and was the self-appointed curry correspondent of the Telegraph & Argus, in Bradford. For 16 years, I was regionals editorial director at Reach plc, the UK's largest news publisher.

Today, I am a media consultant, specialising in leadership development, executive mentoring, digital transformation and process improvement. My clients include publishers in Britain and abroad, public sector organisations, several universities and an international media charity. And almost 50 years after my first article appeared in a newspaper, I'm enjoying a late flowering as a writer and columnist.

I am a visiting professor at the University of Huddersfield, where I deliver masterclasses to journalism students. I am also a course advisor and lecturer on the University of Central Lancashire's acclaimed Journalism, Innovation & Leadership programme, which focuses on expanding the horizons of talented editorial managers.

A former president and board member of the Society of Editors, I am the current chair of the Editors' Code of Practice committee, which sets the standards of professional conduct expected of Britain's newspaper, magazine and news website journalists.

I am an accomplished public speaker, having hosted conferences and delivered speeches and presentations at major events across the UK and Europe.